The Opportunities In Choosing Necessary Aspects In Handbags

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So, when hunger pangs strike, that packet of noodles, which by the way works and cooks better than ugali and re-energises, comes in handy after five minutes in the microwave. It’s also not unusual to find ngwaci or nduma wrapped in a clear juala inside the fornication bag. Some women carry the ‘holy herb’ (bangi) as cops hardly search for such items in their bags, while others - mostly those in college - carry weed cookies which can relieve menstrual pain and give you that Rasta vibe. Weed can also enhance bedroom appetite plus it doesn’t hurt that you can eat it as a snack! This is common among career women stuck in eight-to-five office jobs with alpha males who lose office utensils every time they visit the kitchen. No woman can ruin her manicure by eating with bare hands. What is more, forks can be used as weapons. Since not all us can get a hold of fancy self-defence weapons like pepper sprays, a good old screwdriver comes in handy. Trust me, you don’t want to mess with a woman with synthetic hair and a screwdriver as a weapon charging at you.

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