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One may think oh Uranus freewheeling freedom yay! #NO Uranus is stubborn af. Aquarius is not flexible!! This Uranian “freedom” comes AFTER everything has been shattered - through loss/crisis/death #astrology

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It has been retrograde since early August. Whereas Capricorn and Saturn honor conventional methods and time-tested traditions, Uranus celebrates the unconventional, the weird, the shocking. Uranus wants us to embrace risk and do things differently. Far-out planet Uranus is concerned with futuristic ideas, high-tech communication, and lightning-bolt perspective shifts. Five days before and after Uranus goes direct, expect to deal with these Uranian topics. It’s an excellent week to tweak your internet presence and personal mission statement. Capricorn season teaches us that with increased commitment comes increased responsibility. But Uranus reveals the wild twist: Sometimes, if you play your cards wisely, increased commitment can actually lead to increased independence. Shift around your life and get your act together so you can have both. Wednesday the 27th provides a beneficial trine between Mars and Neptune.

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